3 star hotels in jim corbett

3 star hotels in Jim Corbett

lets check some 3 star hotels in Corbett National Park. If someone searches the popular tourist destination around then Jim Corbett National Park comes first. Actually Corbett is in the connectivity of all metro cities and visitors can come at any time. Not only this, you will get many types of hotels here in every budget, then even if you are searching for 3 star hotels in Jim Corbett. It is said that there is no shortage of 3 star resorts in Jim Corbett National Park, hence the choice never ends. Visitors spend hours online searching for cheap and good Corbett 3-star hotels on web portals and websites of local travel agents. But no one can provide cheaper 3 star hotels in Jim Corbett than Hello Corbett because we have direct best price of all resorts.

Best locations of 3 Star Hotels in Corbett National Park

Although the entire Jim Corbett national park is surrounded by good hotels and resorts, yet most of the 3 Star Resorts are in Dhikuli, Balparao, Mohaan, Kyari and Dhela Village. All these places are easily accessible by road from Ramnagar and Jim Corbett National Park.

Tariff of 3 stars rating hotels

Many visitors want to know the tariff of their selected 3 star hotel before making their tour plan. Tariffs for 3 star hotels / resorts in Jim Corbett National Park start at 1800 per person per night, depending on the facilities and location of the hotel.

1# Corbett View / LocationDhela/ Rating2 Star / Tariff1850per person

2# Corbett Machaan / LocationTeda village/ Hotel Rating3 Star / Tariff2050 per person

3# Corbett Adventure / LocationBailparao / Rating3 Star hotel / Tariff2050 per person

4# Corbett Bagheera / LocationBailparao / Rating3 Star hotel / Tariff1950 per person