Elephant Rides in Corbett National Park

Elephant Safari Jim Corbett : Elephants are some of the most beautiful and cutest animals on earth. In spite of being enormous in size, they are never scary because of their super cute eyes. Elephants are some of the calmest creatures on earth. This is the reason you see them in almost all festivals and also they can be trained to perform specific activities. There is a state in India called Kerala where no festival is complete without an elephant. During festivals, they decorate the elephants almost better than a bride with gold plated ornaments and flowers.

 What is it?

Every kid in India almost fantasizes to go for an Elephant Ride. Not the sightseeing one but the ride on which sit on this enormous and super cute creature and stride in the jungle. Want to go for an Elephant Ride? Elephant trekking is not as scary as trekking. But this could give you a huge dose of joy and happiness. Remember it is not an adventurous adrenaline pumping activity but a soothing ride on an enormous, super cute, innocent-eyed animal stuffed with love. Ever wondered where you could ride an elephant?


The Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is one of the best spots in the world to take an elephant ride. Also in order to get the best experience of Wildlife sighting, Elephant safari is the most recommended option. And if you are in India, this is probably the best location for elephant rides near you. And what if something goes wrong when you are riding the Elephant? Do not panic. The Mahout or the master of the elephant will always be behind you to take care of things before they get out of control. And these super cute creatures never harm you unless you harm them.

Elephant Rides are some of the most enjoyable rides in India. You will instantly start loving this enormous creature once you ride on it.