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Jim Corbett Phato Safari Zone


Jim Corbett Phato Safari Zone – Beginning of the year 2022, Fato Tourism Zone was launched to offer a one-day safari ride in Jim Corbett National Park by the Forest Department of Jim Corbett National Park. Out of the seven open gates, one is dedicated to Phato Tourism Zone. It has a genuine pathway to another fantastic ride at this tourist spot. The two great gates that have gained popularity include Sitabani Tiger Reserve and Corbett Park. Offering a chance to cover a good 18 km of the forest through the availability of eighty jeeps allowed at a capacity of 50 jeeps in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. The ideal time to visit Jim Corbet National Park is 

Jim Corbett National Park is known for magnificent tigers, and Jungle Safari rides. To give the well-established tourism another feather in the cap, Fato Tourism Zone is considered the tenth one in Ramnagar. To witness this glorifying addition to the Jungle Safari, you need to enter Mohan Nagar Gujar Jhala of Maldhan, roughly twenty-three kilometres away from Ramnagar. It is ideal to make the most out of your trip to explore an entirely new tourism zone.

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Jim Corbett Phato Safari Zone

An utterly fresh concept to make your holiday time the ideal time of your life. You are introducing new pathways, ranges, elephant herb, newly constructed treehouses, and much more, waiting for you to make the most out of the available opportunity. The present capacity of 5 treehouses is enough for thirty tourists at the given time. The facility to stay at night and experience life in a Jungle is splendid. People looking for adventure in their life should be giving this opportunity a chance and gain experience with the new step-up that is ready for use.