Jim Corbett National Park


Jim Corbett National Park – The natural beauty of the river, mountains, wildlife and forest dwells everywhere. If you wish to be enclosed naturally and get away from the honking city hype then Corbett National Park has the key to open up your desires. This famous wildlife vacation hotspot in Uttarakhand is a gem for wildlife and nature lovers. Enclosed by seasoned greens and grasslands, this wildlife haven is endowed with types of flora and fauna.

About Corbett – Know all the untouched aspects

Situated in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand and it is India’s first national park. Situated in the heart of the Himalayas, on the banks of the river Ramaganga, Corbett Park is an important tourist place for all adventure and wildlife fans. There are many Jim Corbett Resorts and hotels in the area to handle the heavy increase of tourists, especially during peak season.

Corbett national park resorts are recommended by visitors who wish to have fun with the beautiful landscapes of the park and wildlife as they relax in the luxury accommodation. There are several resorts that provide quality services and facilities at different prices. These resorts are located mostly in the national park, which is the main tourist attraction. Jim Corbett Park packages provide you with an opportunity to come up-close and personal with the region’s wildlife, roaming freely in their natural environment.

Information about wildlife of Corbett National Park

Corbett tiger reserve is an amazing combination of high mountains, swamps, riverine belts and green meadows surrounding an area of total 522 miles at the foothills of the great Himalayas and this makes the park a paradise for wildlife adventure lovers. The choices are many as everything from going up the rappelling, elephant safaris, fishing and angling for pets are available for visitors. But, the best thing about this park has to be the open jeep safari. Capturing a glance of a competition relaxing in the moist deciduous forest on a bright winter morning is a visitor’s dream comes true.

Is Corbett National Park the best for wildlife lovers? Know here

Giving shelter to India’s significant population of Tigers and majestic elephants, Corbett National Park is a most recommended getting a place for the wildlife lovers. While Corbett Tour Packages gain popularity through the months of Nov – July but it’s never a bad here we are on a Corbett Tour. Different types of Deer, wild boar, Sambar and leopard and of course the Royal Bengal are the main attractions of the park. A single Corbett Tour Package might not ensure a competition sighting so do not get frustrated at that point in time. Opt for another pocket-friendly Corbett Package and keep in alive your wildlife passion in your heart.

About Corbett - Jim Corbett National Park DetailsCorbett Park booking and packages are very well-planned and provide wildlife safaris to close by destinations and comfortable stay in wildlife resorts. Get ready for thrilling wildlife adventures.

Corbett national park tour is really an experience of a lifetime. You will love the chance of watching the best of incredible India so closely. The tour guides that will go along with you on your tour are trained and fully experienced wildlife experts. They have tremendous knowledge about the park and its resident’s backgrounds.