List of budget hotels in Jim Corbett National Park

List of budget hotels in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett national park is an only tourist destination where unlimited staying options are always available. You need to select your hotel on preferred location and budget. Mostly luxury and budget Corbett hotels are located in Dhikuli, Mohaan, Marchuala, Bailparao and some near Jhirna and Dhela zones.  These locations are perfect for staying in Jim Corbett National Park during Corbett tour because you can easily find many good and budget resorts and hotels here. “List of budget hotels in Jim Corbett National Park” is the frequently searched terms on internet by visitors planning to visit Jim Corbett national park. Mostly smart visitors also see all the amenities of resort or hotel along with budget hotels in Jim Corbett. Hello Corbett helps to find and select best resorts in Jim Corbett within your budget because we are expert tour planner to Jim Corbett and have long list of cheap hotels. And yes, if you are wondering whether it would be right to book a Corbett cheap hotel or not, then we would like to tell that Hello Corbett has a list of selected hotels which have been chosen after the clients reviews and staying experience. These Corbett budget hotels are not only rooms with beds, bathrooms and tables, but multiple facilities such as air conditioning, refrigerators, televisions, swimming pools, indoor games, restaurants, Wi-Fi are also available.

Budget hotels in Jim Corbett, How it is rated budget hotel? Based on accommodation cost and some additional facilities which make it differ from luxury. Therefore, we would like to advise you that if you want to visit Jim Corbett National Park in a less expensive way, then book any good budget resort or hotel in Jim Corbett National Park and do other activities with the remaining money.

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Corbett View Resort : Location – Dhela : Rating – 3 Star

Resort Tariff Start from : 1850 / Night / Person

budget resort corbett view

Corbett Machaan Resort : Location – Teda village : Rating – 3 Star

Resort Tariff Start from : 1999 / Night / Person

Corbett Adventure Resort : Location – Bailparao : Star – 3

Tariff start from : 1900 / person / night