Difference between Jim Corbett Jeep and Canter Safari

Difference between Jim Corbett Jeep and Canter Safari

Before safari booking it is more important to know about type of safari in Jim Corbett National Park. There are two types of safaris available for visitors at Corbett Park in Uttarakhand, one of which is Jeep Safari (Open Gypsy) and another Canter Safari (Mini Bus).  In a jeep safari, six people can enjoy a safari at a time and 20 people at the canter safari, but both safaris have their own separate advantage.


So we are updating here advantages and differences between Jim Corbett jeep and canter safari.

Jeep Safari – In Jeep Safari (Gypsy) 2 children and 06 adults are allowed to sit together during safari.  A jeep safari is a small vehicle that makes it easy to travel on the narrow paths of the forest, and due to low noise; wild animals are also less disturbed. Jeep Safari (Gypsy) is the right choice for a wildlife photographer. The seating height in the gypsy is low, so the photo of wild animals and forest can be captured well.

Jeep Safari is your own private safari in which you have family members and friends while many people do safari together in Canter Safari. The time of jeep safari is between 3 to 4 hours, which goes to twice a day in safari zone booked by you. Most of the jeeps take you from the resorts / hotels during the safari and leave the same after the safari is over, which also saves the time of arrival.

Canter SafariCanter Safari in Jim Corbett is the best way to enjoy safari in the group. Many times visitors go to Corbett National Park with their family and friends with more than six people, then Canter Safari is the right choice for them. Otherwise they will have to book two jeeps and often do not get two gypsies simultaneously. The height of the canter is oftentimes beneficial during tiger sighting. If you stand in the canter during a safari, then you can see the wild animals by peeping deep inside the bushes.

Canter Safari takes place only in Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett National Park, which goes from Ramnagar CTR office twice a day. The canter never picks you up from resort or hotel, so you have to go to Ramnagar (Tiger Reserve Office) or Dhangari (Dhikala) Gate. We should not forget that Tiger or any other wildlife does not matter whether you are in a canter or a jeep. Sightings of wild animals or tiger depend on luck by chance and experience of driver and guide.

Thanks for reading about differences between Jim Corbett jeep and canter safari, you can also book here Corbett top resorts at lowest price.