process of corbett jeep safari booking

What is the process for booking Jeep Safari for Jim Corbett National Park?

Do you want to know what is the process for booking jeep safari for Jim Corbett National Park? Read the information given below carefully and book your safari easily.

You must have made many trip plans before this, but Jim Corbett National Park is different from others. Jim Corbett Park is a paradise for visitors who love wildlife and natural beauty of dense forest. If you like to see tigers in your natural habitat, then you have to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Corbett Safari Booking Procedure

  • Complete info of each visitor such as name, age and gender
  • Date and Time of Safari booking with proffered shift (Morning / Evening)
  • ID proof numbers of all visitors
  • Entry fees of Jeep safari booking process

Jim Corbett national park jeep safari booking process?

Whenever someone wants to visit Jim Corbett National Park, he worries about jeep safari how he will get Corbett jeep safari. We would like to tell you procedure for booking a jeep safari for Jim Corbett National Park. It is very simple and easy, you can book jeep safari by yourself and you can also book with your travel agent.

The most important thing is availability of Jeep safari during your Corbett trip. It is not at all necessary that jeep safaris are available when you are going. Therefore, you should book Jeep Safari in advance. Generally jeep safari booking for Indian citizens starts 45 days in advance.

Simple visit website and fill are required fields (Name, Age, Gender, Id / Address proofs) and make payment by using cards or net banking. You can also send all the details to your agents if you have not booked yourself.

How do we get inside Jim Corbett National?

There are only two ways to get inside Jim Corbett National Park, one is Jeep Safari and the other is Center Safari. You cannot go inside the national park without a safari. Yes, you can if you have booked your accommodation inside.

Do you have Jim Corbett jeep safari booking contact numbers?

Are you searching Jim Corbett Jeep safari booking contact number? Simply call at +91 9211065020 or +91 9205065209 for safari booking. From here you can book jeep safaris of all zones at a cheap rate.

What is the process for booking Jeep Safari for Jim Corbett National Park?

Let’s check safari zones of National Park

  • Dhikala
  • Bijrani
  • Jhirna
  • Sonanadi
  • Durgadevi
  • Dhela

You can also book here budget and luxury resorts in Jim Corbett National Park and other customized 1 night & 2 nights Corbett packages

    Ans :

  • Corbett jeep safari booking is very easy but it is completely depend on availability.
  • Just call at +91 9211065020 / 9205065209
  • Write to us at:

Ans : If want to reserve Jeep safari by own hand then fill online form on website and payment payment.
The second way is that if you want to book a jeep safari without any hassle, then contact your travel agent and provide the necessary documents.

A : If you are going to Corbett for the first time and you are confused which jeep safari is good, then let me tell you that both center and gypsy safari is good. To more information call back to us.